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Dear Parent,

Wouldn`t you like to snuggle your baby against you and still have your hands free to accomplish simple household tasks, like dishes and laundry?

If you're like most parents, it didn't take you long to start searching for a better way to carry your baby. You then decided that providing comfort to your child in the form of bonding was your number one priority, but you also wanted something that would be comfy for you and give you hands-free autonomy.

There Really is a Great Way to Carry Your Baby Hands-Free and Still Be Comfortable!

What if I told you that there's an easy way to carry your baby safely, breastfeed discreetly and bond with your child comfortably?

I'm talking about the versatile Pretty Momma Baby Ring Slings; it does all of these things and more!


Here`s a peek into the awesome benefits of using a Baby Ring Sling:

Easy to use. All you have to do is slip the ring sling over your head to rest on your shoulder. Then simply place your baby in between you and the sling and just pull the fabric to adjust and tighten securely.

Comfortable. Our ring slings are incredibly soft and lush, the perfect haven for your sweet baby. What`s even better? Many of our slings are made from organic fabrics! All of our unpadded baby slings are custom made just for you after you order.


We have been helping parents sling their babies since 2003 . . .

It's Easier Then You Think:

Thanks so much Patrice! My 3 month old little girl is my high needs baby and is really only content when she is with me and/or nursing.

We've been using a ******* since she was hours old but I always kinda felt too squeezed and had some trouble nursing in it, not to mention that I knew it was going to get way too hot to use in our sometimes 100 degree summers!

I consider myself an experienced baby wearer but had not used a ring sling before, as you can see from the pictures I had no problem using it right away and got her nursing in it within minutes! You've got a fantastic product!

Thanks so much!


Pretty Momma Sling has been featured in "Mothering, Natural Family Living," Magazine as a favorite sling!

Yes! I Want an Easy, Comfortable, and Hands-free Way to Carry My Baby.

- - -> Click here to get instant access to our catalog of Baby Ring Slings! Unpadded baby slings are just a click away.

You will absolutely love using your Baby Ring Sling!

All the best,
Patrice Judah and Company

Left: A happy customer and her deliciously sweet baby in a 'Baby`s Breath' Organic Baby Ring Sling!

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PrettyMommaSling... promoting a stronger bond between parent and baby, one family at a time.

I got it yesterday. And love the color, the feel, and how well its put together. Sydney loves it. She fell asleep in 10 mins. It was great!
Michelle Wafer.

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