Baby Wearing Diaries

As any mommy will tell you, babies grow up so fast! Before you know it, although they will always be YOUR baby, they are not a baby any longer. Take this special time with them to cuddle and nurture them as much as possible.

Below, you will find 3 Baby Wearing stories written by real mothers from their own perspective. *************************

Amanda's Baby Wearing Diary

I first found out about slings as a nanny in France for a summer. We were staying in Paris, and the mother of the baby brought along a sling for me to use for transporting Toby around the city. He was 2 months old and both he and I loved the sling so much! I would just snuggle him into the sling and set out walking to the metro with a diaper bag around one shoulder and the sling around the other. It made it so much easier to go up and down stairs and use escalators. I also found that wearing Toby in the sling made him very calm and content. He rarely cried if ever and I would even feed him in the sling. He was so warm and close to my body. After that, I know I wanted to use a sling with my babies and try baby wearing with them. About 6 years later I gave birth to my son 2 months early. In the hospital the nurses taught me how to swaddle him and I went online to buy a sling as soon as I could. Once Evan was home, I kept him in the sling almost all of the time! I could actually get things done while holding him close to me. At night, when he had a hard time sleeping, I would snuggle him into the sling and rock him to sleep. There were so many times that he and I would nap together with him in the sling and me right next to him on the couch or bed. It was a very helpful and soothing experience for Evan and me. I would highly recommend baby wearing to any mom or dad with a newborn, and especially for parents of preemies, as they need a womb-like experience for a little while longer.


Michelle's Baby Wearing Diary

I have two daughters. My first I never thought of using a sling.

But when my second came, I decided that since she was my last I wanted to make every minute a full filling experience. I did tons and tons of research trying to find the easiest sling and something a newbie could use.

Sydney doesn't cry as much when she is close to me. We can get things done around the house, and still have time to play with my toddler.

When I first got my sling, I was able to make dinner without having a screaming baby on my hands. That is the one reason to use one! I highly recommend using slings. They are wonderful.
Michelle Mommy of 2 girls


Leyla's Baby Wearing Diary

After 9 months in the womb, I just couldn't imagine feeling comfortable with my baby far away from my warmth, voice, heartbeat, and scent for very long. He's such a content baby and rarely cries (I believe when babies are mostly close to Mom they don't have much to cry about!). We are such a happy pair thanks to babywearing--I can happily bounce out the door to meet a friend for coffee, go to the library, grab some groceries, or just go for a walk. I have him against my chest at this young newborn stage, and I zip up my winter jacket to his shoulders, and then he can look around at the world from the warm, safe vantage point of mom's loving 'arms.' He's so thrilled and comfy, he gazes around at the passing scenery and quickly dozes off. Even around the house to get housework done, wearing my baby is invaluable. I can vacuum or even scrub the floors with my baby happily attached to me. As long as I'm moving-he's thrilled to be along for the ride. I have found that I haven't had to change my lifestyle in any undesirable way thanks to being able to have him content and my hands free for as long as I want. I feed him as often as he gets hungry, but he will even forget about meals and sleep for several hours in a row if I'm running errands or otherwise keeping constant motion with him snoozing against my front. It's nice to know that if I have something I would really like to do or someplace to go, I know he will be happy and content with nothing else but closeness and warmth of mom, allowing me to concentrate on other things for a bit.


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