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I ordered my first Pretty Momma Sling about 5 years ago… it is a blue/green Batik. It is the single most helpful item (out of the many items I purchased in hopes of reaching my goals for nursing) that helped me to successfully nurse my first born for a year. It allowed me to throw dinner parties and clean the house while keeping my baby right with me, safe and kept my back from hurting! I love it so much that I have told anyone who asked all about it and where I got it from. It was such a high quality sling, that I was able to nurse and nurture baby number two with it for a whole year as well! Now that summer is here, and baby number two is three years old, we are spending a lot of time at the beach. I just ordered the solarweave sling so that I can take her in the water with me and not worry about the waves or her getting a sunburn. She can even take a nap on me while Daddy and baby #1 boogie board… I can’t wait for it to arrive and I am sure I will be spreading the word to even more people about this wonderful company. Many thanks for creating such a wonderful product!!!
-Sarah Morrisseau, Jax Beach, FL

I ordered one of your slings about two months ago for my sister-in-law in Arizona. She (and her newborn) loved it! Thank you for helping me with such a beautiful and useful gift. I think I've converted her to babywearing! Now it's sister-in-law #2's turn. Her baby shower is this weekend -- is it possible to get this out so it arrives in New Jersey by Saturday? I would very much appreciate it! Please call/email if you have any questions.

It arrived today, in lots of time to wrap for this weekend. Thanks for the quick ship!

Thank you very much for the sling! It is VERY high quality and I'm extremely impressed! I loved the packaging and the instructions that were enclosed- they were very helpful.
Thank you again and again!
Shiloah Baker

Just wanted to let you know I got the sling yesterday - it is absolutely beautiful and I love it! Thanks so much!
Crystal Paine

Hi again Patrice! I just wanted to thank you for the tot sling you sent along. My two year old loves it. Here he is with his buddy Minnie playing trucks! :)
Heather ------------------------------>

I just got my sling and I love it. I haven't used it yet but soon I will. I am traveling to adopt a baby. I love the fabric and the way it wraps around me. I also love the packaging! Thank you for the quick service too!
Dana Parisi

Patrice...I just received the sling you made for me and I have to say it is SO beautiful. I've NEVER seen such quality ANYWHERE! I just love and have already used it today!
Adriana Viola

Order received yesterday... DH is thrilled to have a sling that fits, I love the batik colors of mine... and after my son and daughter took turns with it for hours, my 3 year old daughter ended up sleeping in the doll sling (with her "baby" attached!) all night last night! New baby arrives in less than a month and it's nice to have a comfy new sling waiting for her. Thanks!

Thank you so much for my sling. I LOVE it! Now "Mr. Fussy Pants" is "Mr. Sleep the Day Away Attached to Mommy"!!! And thank you for adding a pocket to the kids sling. My daughter likes to put her car keys in it. My husband likes the sling too. Soon I will be sending you some proud momma pictures! Thank you again.

Hi Patrice
The sling arrived - it is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much. I love the colour, and I'm finding the gathered shoulder really comfy compared to other ring slings I've tried.
I'll try and get some nice photos soon and post them on TBW!
Thanks again, and Merry Christmas from this side of the Atlantic :-)

We've used your sling for over a year, and have been thrilled by it. For a long time it was the only way our daughter would go to sleep. We've recommended your slings to a number of people, and will continue to do so.

Thank you so much for my order, received it last week. I absolutely love the sling and can't wait til my lil girl arrives in September so I can use it. I've been practicing with my 3 yr old's dollie. I appreciate the quick turn around on my order and the fast shipping.

My sling arrived yesterday and I absolutely love it! Thank you so much for the wonderful gift. :) It is the perfect length, I am glad we decided on a medium. Your instructions are easy to follow and while practicing with a teddy bear the sling seems fairly easy to use. However, I won't boast on my skills until I have put a wriggly baby in successfully! Thank you for all of your advice and help in choosing a sling. You are excellent at customer service and I will definitely recommend your product!

Thanks so much Patrice! My 3 month old little girl is my high needs baby and is really only content when she is with me and/or nursing. We've been using a ******* since she was hours old but I always kinda felt too squeezed and had some trouble nursing in it, not to mention that I knew it was going to get way too hot to use in our sometimes 100 degree summers! I consider myself an experienced baby wearer but had not used a ring sling before, as you can see from the pictures I had no problem using it right away and got her nursing in it within minutes! You've got a fantastic product! There are almost no slings out there that are easy for plus sized mama's breastfeed in and I'm so thrilled that this one works for me!
The batik fabric is stunning :-)
Thanks so much!

Hi Patrice
I received my {Solarveil} sling today! and thank you, well worth waiting for its lovely, as the ring is small it fit really nicely and ideal for taking my little one swimming with. Cant wait to show it off!!
Kind Regards

We used all my slings on the trip. Got lots of comments on how handy & comfy they look. We only used the stroller one day for a little bit. Mostly it carried our STUFF. lol

I just wanted to let you know how much I love my sling-I ordered it a while back and my daughter who is 9 months is still loving it. She is still in the cradle hold! Here is a picture of her loving her sling and relaxing in the cradle hold. Thanks a lot!

I just received my sling! I'm so excited to be able to use it! I love the fabric. Hopefully my little girl will be ready to come out soon so I can start using it. Thanks for getting it to me so quickly.

Just wanted to say Thanks SO Much for making a GREAT SLING!!! I love it so much. It is great to be able to get things done around the house and not have a screaming baby. She loves the comfort of being next to me. And it is so EASY to nurse in!!! Thanks again SO MUCH!!!
Jennifer And Nursing Baby Ashley

Dear Patrice
I have received my sling today it is BEAUTIFUL!! You did A GREAT JOB!!! I love it so much. It did not take me but seconds to take it out and start learning how to use it. And I have picked it up!!! As a matter of fact my little one is nursing in it now.!! I AM so EXCITED I LOVE IT!!! I just wanted to say Thank you And Let you know How Great it is Already!!

I bought a sling from you long ago, anticipating the birth of my little girl. She has finally been born, and I just want to tell you I have had compliments on the sling and it has come in very handy (it will come in even handier next week, when my husband gets off Paternity Leave and I will not be able to leave without her.
Thanks for your sling!! I LOVE IT!!!
Maureen Bennett

Hi Patrice, I received your package last night, and I have to tell you, I felt like a kid at Christmas!! Everything was so beautifully packaged and I had so much fun trying on the sling. Your workmanship is fabulous!! Thanks so much for everything!! I will definitely recommend you to other slinging mamas!!

You do awesome work! I LOVE my sling! It could not have come at a better time. We had a poopy blowout this morning, and our other sling was targeted. My 3 month old is a very colicky guy and does not do well when he is not in a sling all day. Right now, he is very happily snuggled up in the sling you made.
You can expect more business from me in the future!

I got it yesterday. And love the color, the feel, and how well its put together. So far I have used the chest to chest hold. And Sydney loves it. She fell asleep in 10 mins. It was great!

I haven't used a sling with a ring, so its going to take some work to get all the different positions. But so far I love it, I like the extra "tail" so I can cover her up and breastfeed with no problems. I can't wait to use it out in public!
Thanks again,
Michelle Wafer

Thank you so much!! I love it!! It is wonderful and I absolutely love it!! I will send you pics asap. Thanks again!!!
Amber Ellenburg

The sling is great. . .I love it!!

Well, you know I loved the first one,:) but this one is actually for my sil for Christmas.

I am recommending them whenever I can!

Been meaning to email you. We got our new sling and LOVE it. The shoulder is so comfortable and I love the soft flannel fabric.

Our sling is supposed to be for her for xmas but I couldn't wait until then to use it. I'll still wrap it up for her and put it under the tree, she won't know the difference anyway (11 months).

Well, just wanted to tell you that I love the sling design with the wide shoulder and I think you're going to do great.
Christina Alba

Hi Patrice,
I'm so sorry to have alarmed you. My husband got the package but forgot to tell me (he told me about it today). I am very, very happy with the sling. I've never used one before so I've been practicing. Thank you very much.
You've been very nice and I've enjoyed doing business with you. I'm going to place a link to your site on my website. Sorry again,

Hello, Patrice.
This is Kayla Isbell, Amber Ellenburg's sil. I received my sling Monday (that was quick!) and I love it!
Kayla Isbell

I got my sling; it looks great! Thank you so much. Baby will be here to use it sometime later this month or early May!

I was hesitant to buy this at first because my daughter was only 18mths, but I couldn't resist with the fun patterns (got a purple batik) and when I got it on sale. My daughter was 20mths when her little sister arrived. She was VERY jealous when I came home from the hospital especially with all the newborn nursing. Well, I presented the toy sling to her as a gift from her little sister. Things changed overnight! I nursed in a sling and she LOVED being just like mommy. She has a favorite stuffed monkey which she now carries around in her toy sling. Also, now when she thinks her monkey is hungry she'll lift her shirt as if she were nursing her monkey. I think this is a great product. It's comfortable for a toddler who's not even 2 yet. It stays on even with all the running and tumbling a toddler does. Most importantly, it helps my daughter learn great mothering skills without even knowing it! One problem...I will probably have to buy one for her little sister when she gets older because she'll want to be just like her big sister!

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