Baby Sling Size

* Small (approx. 1 yard and 30 inches)
- Great for people who are 5 feet, 1 inch or shorter and weight 110 pounds or less
- If you will be using the sling to breastfeed your baby in and/or using the tail of the sling as a shield from the wind/sun, then a medium size is recommended

* Medium (approx. 2 yards and 3 inches)
- Perfect for the majority of people and breastfeeding moms.

* Large (approx. 2 yards and 12 inches)
- Great for large/plus size people who are breastfeeding and/or will be using the tail as a shield from the wind/sun

*********************************************************** Note: Although we do offer more than 1 size, you can still use the medium or large size for a wide range of adult frames. If you have some extra length on the tail of your sling, just tuck it inside the sling (which is what many do anyway).

View the picture below that has the tail (the loose end of the sling) tucked in.

For example: If you are 5 feet 3 inches and weigh 160 lbs, a small will reach your hips, medium will reach your mid-thigh and the large will reach your knees.

CUSTOM SIZING: If you are unsure of your size or would just rather have a custom fitted sling, please take a tape measure and hold it on one shoulder, bring it down across your front to your opposite hip, up your back and to the place you first started with on your shoulder. Then bring your tape measure down to where you would like your sling to end. If you are not breastfeeding (or will not use the tail for any other reason) then we would recommend you measure to your hip. If you are breastfeeding (or will be using the tail for any other reason) then we recommend the tail come to your mid-thigh or lower. Please let us know this number in inches.

WASHING RECOMMENDATION: It is recommended that you machine wash your sling(s) in cold water and hang to dry. However, to soften up your sling you may wash and then dry in the dryer with fabric softener. You may iron your sling if needed (ironing is not recommended on SolarWeave fabrics).

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