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(Threading your sling)
Pictures: How to thread your sling
To thread your sling, grab one corner of the tail (the tail is the loose end of the fabric), gather it little-by-little until you reach the opposite corner. Then, thread through both rings and then through the bottom ring. Grab the shoulder portion in one hand and the entire tail in the other hand and pull the tail of the sling to the point where you think it will be slightly LOOSE for your baby. Spread out the tail that is within the rings. Below you will find five carrying positions. With a little practice, it will only take you seconds to put on a sling.


SNUGGLE HOLD (otherwise known as tummy-to-tummy):
(Baby is tummy-to-tummy with you).
Pictures: Snuggle Hold With a Newborn
Pictures: Snuggle Hold (number 2)
Pictures: Modified Snuggle Hold
Decide which shoulder you would like to wear the sling on. With your opposite hand, grasp the rings (with the tail in front) and put your other hand through the sling and over your head and onto your desired shoulder. Make sure the fabric is not bunched up on your back. Flare out the front of the pouch. Raise baby and put baby`s stomach on your opposite shoulder. Ease baby`s legs into the sling slowly, all the while supporting entire weight of the baby. Adjust the sling by pulling the tail out and down to tighten. You may now tuck the bottom rail up to the baby`s knees, so that he/she is seated in the sling. Your baby's bum should always be at or above your belly-button.


(Baby is perpendicular to your tummy).
The momma to your left is nursing her baby!
Pictures: Nursing Hold
Put baby in the snuggle hold. Support baby`s weight and loosen the fabric slightly. Turn baby so that he/she lays tummy-to-tummy with you with their head on the opposite side of the rings, in the nursing position, and flare out the fabric that is under the baby’s head (so the head is supported by the fabric). Tighten sling if needed. The tail of the fabric can be used as a shield, so that it will be very easy to nurse in public discreetly. For toddlers or bigger baby`s, their feet will be hanging out of the sling - this is okay. When your baby has finished nursing, place him/her back into the snuggle hold.


(Baby straddles your hip).
Pictures: Hip Hold
Only use this position after baby has good head control. Put the sling on with the rings on TOP of you shoulder. Put baby in the sling and have their legs straddle your hip. Fabric may be pulled until it is under their knees and up high on their back. You may also tuck baby`s arms into the sling for added support, and bring the fabric to just under their neck. Tighten fabric. When tightening the fabric, the rings move into the correct position.


(Baby’s back is to your tummy).
Pictures: Kangaroo Hold
This position is the same as the snuggle hold, only the baby is facing outwards. Position baby with their back to your chest, cross their legs, and ease them down into the sling. The back of the fabric must be pulled all the way up their back and the front of the fabric under their shoulders. You may also put one of baby`s arms into the sling for baby`s comfort and support.


(Baby’s tummy is up against your back).
This position is only recommended for children one year or older.
Position your child in the hip hold (but do not tighten the fabric yet). Bend over, so that your tummy is perpendicular to the floor (all the while supporting your child). Use one hand and slide baby onto your back, and tighten fabric. Have someone check to make sure the fabric is tucked under child’s bottom and extends to the child’s knees (the child should be in a seated position). Once you become more confident in wearing a child in the piggy back hold, you can easily check the child’s position by yourself. Stand up. Tighten fabric again, if needed. Periodically, you MUST check your child’s position.


* The top edge of the tail (the end of the fabric opposite the rings), when pulled, will tighten under baby`s shoulders.
* Middle of tail, when pulled, will tighten under baby`s bottom.
* The bottom edge of the tail, when pulled, will tighten around baby`s legs.
* DO NOT let go of baby`s weight until you are sure they are positioned properly and are secure.
* The middle of the fabric supports their bottom like a chair, the bottom of fabric should come to the back of their knees and the top of the fabric can come up to their neck. This may sound complicated at first, but with just a few tries, it will only take seconds to put on.

If you have purchased a Child`s Doll Sling, this sling is only intended to carry dolls/stuffed animals/toys, etc. These are not constructed to carry real baby`s!


*****Please note: Pretty Momma Sling or its vendors, does not take any responsibility for any accidents that may incur due to an adults misuse or use of the sling. It is strictly the adults responsibility to use these directions as a general guideline to follow. You must use common sense when carrying baby! If baby does not feel secure enough in the sling, take baby out and reposition the sling and/or baby. If you have any troubles, please contact us and we will be more than happy to walk-you-through the steps involved.

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