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Did you know that you can very easily nurse your baby without anyone ever seeing a thing! Breastfeeding provides such invaluable nutrition and can create such a strong bond between mom and baby; so why stop that bonding when you are out-and-about? Continue to provide your baby with your irreplaceable breastmilk whenever he/she is hungry without any hinderance! The momma in the picture to your right is nursing her baby discreetly, but you can even cover up your baby entirely with the tail (the loose end) of your sling! Personally, we do not feel that a mom should have to cover up to nurse her baby while in public, but we also know that everyone has their own views/feelings on this subject and we greatly respect that!

Read what one customer had to say:
Dear Patrice
I have received my sling today it is BEAUTIFUL!! You did A GREAT JOB!!! I love it so much. It did not take me but seconds to take it out and start learning how to use it. And I have picked it up!!! As a matter of fact my little one is nursing in it now.!! I AM so EXCITED I LOVE IT!!! I just wanted to say Thank you And Let you know How Great it is Already!!

Here are some easy baby sling instructions for positioning your baby at your breast to nurse:

Pictures: Nursing Hold
Put baby in the snuggle hold. Support baby`s weight and loosen the fabric slightly. Turn baby so that he/she lays tummy-to-tummy with you with their head on the opposite side of the rings, in the nursing position, and flare out the fabric that is under the baby’s head (so the head is supported by the fabric). Tighten sling if needed. The tail of the fabric can be used as a shield, so that it will be very easy to nurse in public discreetly. For toddlers or bigger baby`s, their feet will be hanging out of the sling - this is okay. When your baby has finished nursing, place him/her back into the snuggle hold.
Note: Your baby sling can easily be also used to bottle feed your bundle of joy!

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