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#1043  SolarWeave Baby Slings

These slings are made from a unique material known as SolarWeave! It has a very smooth finish, is soft and is light-weight.

SolarWeave is a 100% non-irritating fabric (even for the most sensitive skin) and will protect your little one from 97% of the ultra-violet light. This sling is a must-have for summer use!

40+ UPF / 97%+UV


Hi Patrice!

I love the sling!! Thank you!! We are having fun in Hawaii thanks to your awesome ring sling.

What a terrific purchase!! It has been used not only as a sling, but a carseat cover and blanket (big enough to cover my baby and my toddler). Our little lady is finally big enough to sit with her feet out now and I am so happy that there is enough extra fabric at the end to keep her legs covered! It's also fantastic because it fits everyone who wants to carry the baby (no small feat in my family where I am 5' 5", my mom is 5' 11" and my dad and husband are over 6'.) A+ for versatility!

Thanks a million for keeping my little one cool and out of the sun while the rest of us enjoy it. I thought you might like to see a picture of us on one of our many evening walks in Poipu, Hawaii making good use of your sling. I am looking forward to lots more fun in the summer sun with both kids thanks to you!

Best wishes ,

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* All slings can be worn on either shoulder and in 5 different carrying positions

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* Shipping cost: Flat rate of $6.00 for US orders; international orders $21.00

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