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#848  Organic Hemp Baby Sling
Chocolate Mist

Discover a remarkable, hands-free baby carrying lifestyle. With this lovely, warm brown sling, you can do laundry, work on the computer, load the dishwasher, or just walk without the strain of holding a baby on your hip. Fabricated from a beautiful 55% Hemp and 45% Lyocell fabric, baby will be snuggled up in this cozy sling, and held securely with the heavy-duty rings. The elegant rings allow the baby sling to be completely adjustable allowing for ease and comfort, and readily holds children from a preemie size up to 35lbs.

Color: Dark brown
Fabric type: Organic hemp blended with lyocell

Why hemp you ask?
* It’s one of the strongest and durable of all natural fibers; this sling will last and last!
* It’s grown organically; no pesticides or other harmful chemicals are used.

What exactly is Hemp?
Breastfeed in Public
Adjustable Baby Sling

Quick info:
* All slings can be worn on either shoulder and in 5 different carrying positions
* Shipping time: We mail within 24-48 hours
* Shipping cost:
Flat rate of $6.00 for US orders; international orders $21.00
* 14-day return/exchange policy


Our Price:  $109.95  

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