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#896  Organic Hemp Baby Sling
African Violet

This richly colored, dark purple sling is fabricated from eco-friendly fabric; 55% Hemp, and 45% wood-pulp Lyocell. The superb design is sophisticated, comfortable, and safe enough to hold newborns and children up to age three or 35lbs. Through the combined use of an attractive fabric and powerful adjustable rings, these slings are a classy and robust creation that is unparalleled in today’s market. Just imagine... Going to the beach and walking bare-foot through the warm sand with your little one snuggled up secure and safe right next to you.

Color: Dark purple solid
Fabric type: Organic hemp blended with Lyocell

Why hemp you ask?
* It’s one of the strongest and durable of all natural fibers; this sling will last and last!
* It’s grown organically; no pesticides or other harmful chemicals are used.

What exactly is Hemp?
Breastfeed in Public
Adjustable Baby Sling

Quick info:
* All slings can be worn on either shoulder and in 5 different carrying positions
* Shipping time: We mail within 24-48 hours
* Shipping cost: Flat rate of $6.00 for US orders; international orders $21.00
* 14-day return/exchange policy


Our Price:  $109.95  

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