Medicated Births

Daniel's Birth Story
I was very young when I had my first son. It was 1993 and the Bulls where going to the championship. I had the game on while I was in labor, it was relatively light. I continued to watch the game and as it got down to the end, I became about 8 cm. They wanted to move me to the birthing room and I was hysterical because there was no tv there for me to watch the game. As I was coming out of the elevator, there was a tv in the nurses station and they were watching the game. Michael Jordan hit his 3 point and I screamed yeah! and out popped my sons head. I had them leave the door open and wheel me in perpendicular to the door so that I could see who won. Of course we (Chicago) did. At the end of the game, I was cheering and pushing my son out at the same time. Maybe this explains his love for basketball. His name is Daniel. He was, by far, the easiest labor I had. The other 3 were awful:*)


I am from Columbus, Ohio and my son was due August 8th, 2006. I was so big that my dr. wanted to induce me on August 7, 2006. That morning i got up around 4am to get my shower. We were due at OSU Hospital at 6am. When I was finished getting ready I woke my boyfriend up and laid down on the bed to watch some TV with him before we left. But my son had other plans. I felt a little kick then my water broke. I stood up and it went every where. We got everything together and drove to the hospital getting there around 5:30 am. The dr. decided to induce my to make my labor go faster. Of course I got the epidural. Lets face it birth is painful. I went from 5cm to 9cm in 30 minutes. I about had a heart attack. There was no time for napping which I really wanted to do. My boyfriend was across the street having a cigarette so he had to be tracked down and made right when I was getting ready to push. I pushed for 22 minutes and had my 8lb 2 oz baby boy at 12:27 in the afternoon. He is now 15 months old and is the love of my life. Boy truly are fun to have.


Heather's Birth Story
I was thrilled to find out I was pregnant, but a little scared too. A few years before I was pregnant & everything was going well until I reached my 20th week. I went into early labor and I lost twin boys. Since then I wanted to try for another baby, but was afraid I would have the same thing happen. So once I became pregnant again I took extra precautions just to be safe.

The majority of the pregnancy went well. I even worked through most of it. But 2 months before I was due I was having some contractions. I thought instantly here we go again. I went to the hospital & they hydrated me and gave me injections to stop the contractions. I actually wound up going 3 days in a row. Finally the contractions stopped and I was told to just take it easy. I did not return to work and relaxed until the day came.

One week before I was due I received a very strange phone call. It was a man talking very fast & I could hardly understand him. We were suddenly disconnected. I stood there listening to him over & over again in my head & I realized who it was & what he said. It was my brother's best friend Chris. He said something about my brother being hit or hurt. Both my husband and I was hoping he wasn't hit by a car. With in two minutes later my other brother was on the phone screaming that Paul was hit by a car. My heart dropped.

We found out what hospital he was sent to and raced there. We all just sat in a room waiting. Each minute felt like an hour. Finally they let my mom go to see him. After 10 minutes she came in & almost passed out. I knew by her reaction it was bad. My mom is a tough cookie & has seen many things in her life, but this she could not handle. My husband & father were getting ready to go to see him. I knew I could not go. I was so afraid the shock alone would send me into labor. I knew my brother would not want me to go through that, so I did what I thought he would want. I stayed in the room & prayed for him.

The outlook was not good for him. He broke his pelvis, both legs, head trauma, knees shattered, etc. The doctors did not feel he was going to make it through the night. After he was admitted into the ICU we left hesitantly. I woke up that morning afraid to call my mom, but when I did he was still alive. Then the next day, & the next. One week later he was going in for major surgery. This was the turning point. If he could get through this he may make it. He did! And 12 hours later I went into labor. My labor was uneventful, which was the way I wanted it, lol. I went in to the hospital at 4 am, and Heather May was born at 11:43 am, June 18, 2004. She weighed 8 pounds 4 ounces and 20 inches long. I only pushed for 45 minutes. Not bad for my first baby.

So there were 3 of us in the family in the hospital at the same time. My brother was in a coma for 6 weeks. He finally woke up and asked for a cheeseburger, lol. Then all he wanted to see was his niece. He was mad he missed her birth, even though he was very close. Two weeks later we brought her in to meet him. It was love at first site. He was in awe. I had tears in my eyes because I knew this meeting may never of happened, it was too close for comfort. Today Heather is an active 3 year old that is obsessed with princesses and ponies. My brother dealt with a lot the last few years. But these experiences has made him into an amazing person. He is now in college studying to be a forest ranger (or something in nature). He is also the godfather of my baby girl, Rachel Elizabeth, who just turned one.


Ayden's Birth Story
In January 2006, I awoke with an uncomfortable feeling. I told my husband as he was dashing out for work that something was wrong... he was uncomfortable leaving me for work, though I had experienced a painful pregnancy and often had complaints of feeling uncomfortable. He left for work and not more than an hour later, I called him frantically, then knowing I needed to go to the hospital. I had called the ob/gyn and inquired and they had made it clear that given my symptoms I should go to the hospital immediately. I was confused as to what was happening and in pain, as my husband rushed home and we started our journey to the hospital.

As we started to drive, my husband quickly noted on his watch that I was having profuse pain in intervals that resembled contractions. These intervals started to become closer together as we made our way in rush hour traffic. We are wondering at this point if these are braxton hicks contractions, though I do not know what a one feels like as I have never experienced them before.

We rush into the lobby of the hospital and after what seemed like forever, we were taken down the hallway of what seemed like a dungeon to me to a very small cubicle of a room. At this point, vitals were taken and I was then examined, only to have the nurse exclaim, "looks like you are going to have a baby today." Now, when your due date is not for nearly 2 months this is not necessarily what you want to hear. At this point, I am not as bothered by the time frame, yet am wondering what is happening to my body, with the baby etc. I am nervous, but am not able to comprehend through the pain what is really going on.

After a couple more visits, I am told a doctor is unable to be found and due to my early contractions, they decide they must stop them for the moment. I am finally wheeled into another room, a notch above the dungeon and yet, at just over 4 cm.`s

I am still not sure if I am ready for an epidural. The pain has been increasing and I am gritting and bearing it, yet my fear is actually greater, somehow of the numb feeling that will be in my lower half of my body. Now, even I realize this does not make much sense to most, but this was a real fear in me. However, at close to 5 cm.`s I decided the pain needed to subside and quick! I was then told that they would be in to administer the epidural shortly... waiting and waiting... finally after what seemed an eternity I was greeted by the anesthesiologist and I didn`t care at this point what they did to me... tie me up, make me run down the hall naked, wax my bikini, whatever you want to do to me... After telling the lady about my fears of being too numb and not feeling my lower half, and letting her know about my low tolerance to medicine... they administered a very low amount of the medicine.

I kept waiting for the relief, and I remember wondering if this is with an epidural, what in the world would I do without one? Natural child birth?!? What?!? In the meantime, I am given a second monitor by accident. The first one had been inserted some time ago. The doctor apologizes as she realizes, oops.. there is already one in there... oops~ After some time, I finally speak up regarding still feeling the pain and being very numb in my legs. After yet another visit from a nurse, I was then told, much to my dismay, they had administered the needle in the wrong location, making my legs numb and not my pelvic region. I was then told they would have to reinsert the needle and give me more medication in the right location, so that it would actually be effective.

I was not only disappointed that my legs are numb with no relief, the one feeling I was terrified of and then I am also to receive yet another lovely shot. After the second dose I am feeling better, still hurting, but some relief, thank goodness.

I finally am ready to start the act of pushing and do so for awhile... and then more.. and more... and I am told at the final stretch that if I don`t push hard this last time they will need to get some sort of vacuum machine out to manually remove the baby.

I push another time or two and whahlah here is my baby boy... but, poof, where is he? A frantic team of nurses and doctors rush in and take the baby out as quickly as he came into the world. I have never had a baby before and at this point am not sure how the procedure works... maybe this is normal? maybe not? hmmm....?!? So many questions, I am drained from my day. I feel wiped out from pain, emotions and I still have no idea what is going on...

We all await patiently, myself not realizing that our little boy had been taken from me so rapidly due to his color... blue and purple... He was not doing well at all. I still wait not knowing... my family waits patiently holding some info. to themselves as to not upset me. In my condition at this point I am not really comprehending too much of what is going on, probably a good thing at this point.

We finally hear back in the wee hours of the morning what is going on. My little boy was placed on life support. His color is looking better, but he is still not doing too well... I have a fever and must wait to see him for 24 hours after it breaks... Did I just have a baby? I am wondering what is going on? My family gets to go and see him before me.

I am feeling disappointed and a nurse is coming in talking to me about breastfeeding.. I am shaking and am told I need to pump my milk, if I have any at this point. The baby desperately needs the breastmilk... no pressure ladies... I am waiting on my family to come back and give me details on my little one. He is in the NICU and has been taken off life support... a good sign, but still not a whole lot is being said to us in regards to his condition.

Meanwhile, a nurse comes in with a baby and says, "Mom, here is your son..." as a nurse runs after her in the door of my room, stopping her and says, " This is not her son!" They leave the room with an apology not realizing how I am feeling, not having been able to see my son at all at this point and thinking he must be ok now, they are bringing him in to see me now... I am in tears...

I am able to finally go and see my son in the NICU in the afternoon. I am excited, but nervous about his condition and what I am to see. I am wheeled into the room and lay my eyes on my tiny little bundle of joy. I cannot believe my eyes when I see a full head of hair and oh my goodness he is the tiniest little guy. I am scared to get too close... He has wires all over him. He is connected to so many devices, it is hard to really look at him and see just him... A wave of emotions comes over me. I think is he really mine? Is he going to be ok? Surely, he must be. He has to be... And, we waited.

The next morning we saw him again and he had sunglasses on. He was under the light for bilirubin. He had to be under the special light for a few days to get rid of it. All of these things were a learning experience. We spoke to the doctors and nurses every day.

I had been released from the hospital and we were unsure of how long our little man would be there. After about 5 days we were told that he was to be moved over to the Special Care Unit. This unit was reserved for the less critical babies. We were overjoyed, but still hesitant. We continued to visit daily for most of the day till we had to go home and sleep as there was no facility there for us to sleep. We continued to have unexpected issues happen in the days to come.

We were told on a daily basis new things that worried us. We came home at night and had a very tough time sleeping. We would wake up in the middle of the night, if we were sleeping that is, and we would call the nurses to check on our son. We were terrified! We had been told he had reflux and then that he had apnea. They were giving him doses of caffeine to make sure he didn`t experience this. We were told they were going to switch his formula because he was spitting up so much and forcefully, it was coming out of his nose. This is very scary to see and we were afraid he was going to choke. We were also told that maybe he had something wrong with his stomach and they would need to do tests such as an upper gi to see if he would need an operation on his stomach.

All of these things continue to present themselves on a daily basis, making our stomachs weak. We are told they need to do a CT scan, an MRI and many other tests I am sure to be leaving out. We are told he had blood spots in his head, possibly due to birth trauma. We are very concerned. After a tearful meeting with the neurologist, he finds that it hopefully will not cause future delays.

After 5 weeks in the NICU/Special Care Unit he is finally released! We are finally taking out son home and he is a whopping 6 lbs. He seems so delicate still! We feel blessed! It seems everything is OK~ We are able to leave the hospital and have grown quite attached at this point. We are happy to say our goodbyes, but sad to bid farewell to our nurses, and the other couples who made a place in our heart with their stories of woe. We feel blessed to have a wonderful, good natured little guy who is thriving and is now 16 months old. Thank you God~


When I was 7 days over due I had an appointment with the OBGYN. She asked if we wanted to deliver that night since she had two other delivered over there. We were a little surprised, but very excited. This all took place at around 5:30pm and we had to be at the hospital at 7pm to get induced. I don’t think I really needed to be induced since the doctor put me in labor at my examine. She mentioned how she had been know to magical fingers….we’ll boy does she ever. Talk about a painful examine...ouch!!!! Plus I was only 1 cm dilated and in that 1 1/2 hour I went from 1 to 2 cms. One the way home we made a bunch of calls letting everyone know what was going on. We stopped by my brother-in-law’s house to give him his present because he was having a party that night. By 8pm they started to induce me. Although I was having contractions 3 minutes apart they wanted them to be stronger . The doctor also had to break my water. It didn’t start to get bad until around 11:30pm, s at that point I asked for medication and they gave me Demerol. So the first 3 1/2 hours weren’t bad at all. I pushed for a total of 45 minutes. At 6:48am I gave birth to a healthy 7lbs. little girl.


One morning around 10am one of the midwifes at my doctors office called me at home. She asked if we wanted to be induced that Thursday or the following week. At this point I was 6 days past my due date and didn’t want to wait any longer. She knew I wanted my regular midwife to deliver and she wasn’t available till then. I told her that I would love to have her deliver so next thing we know is she said to meet her at the hospital as soon as we can. Since we planned on getting to the hospital around 12pm I figured I should clean the house real quick. I know a little crazy, but my nesting mode kicked in full gear. Plus I knew while I was in the hospital delivering my friend would be watching my daughter and didn’t want anyone to have to do anything besides take care of her. After I did that I took a shower and got ready. By the time we got to the hospital and situated into the room and they started my Pitocin medicine it was 3:25pm. The minute they started the Pitocin I started to have contractions. Four hours into the labor since I only went from 2cm-4cm I decided I needed some medication to take the edge off. They gave me NuBan which relaxed me for about 30 minutes. The next hour the contractions were really intense and I could feel my whole body shaking. At this point I was 8cms. and few minutes later I told them I had to push. They didn’t really think I was ready to push and to humor me they said go ahead. Well, in those few minutes I went from 8-10cm and I started to push. I pushed through 3 contractions which was maybe a total of 9 minutes and delivered a healthy 6 lbs. 8 oz. baby girl.

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