Additional Birth Stories

Mirenne Maria`s Birth Story
My daughter Melissa was my first born baby. She came to the world through an emergency C-Section 25 years ago come February 26th. She was my little angel, smiles, giggles and laughs. Through the years I watched her grow as any mom, watching her become a big sister to her brother plus 3 other children after our first son was born. I watched her sing on stage and win many awards, I watched her become a cheer leader, go to proms, have dates and get married.

On October 24th 2007 I was honored to watch my daughter Melissa give birth to her 3rd child. I lived out of state when she gave birth to her first two boys. (my first grandsons).

At 5:32pm I watched my own daughter give birth to my very first grand daughter, who is just beautiful in every way there is. She is a miracle baby as well as the other two babies.

I was so use to being the patient giving birth that I got so caught up in the excitement and joy along with her husband, Mark, his mother Carol, my own mother Marcia, Carol`s daughter Julie, Carol`s husband Bud, Melissa`s aunt Marsha, My other daughter Whitney, No one knew the sex of this baby, not even the new mother or father, they wanted it to be a surprise and that is what they received- as the screams mounted in the room, "IT`S A GIRL.. !! I think everyone that evening knew we were all excited.

My daughter at age 16 was told she could never have children, at age 17 she was faced with having surgery to remove one ovary and one tube and was again told her chances of ever having children were slim to none. With a heart full of tears she set out to make away to be able to have children. At age 19 she miscarried her first child, with again sadness in her heart she didn`t give up and prayed as never before.

At age 21 she got married to her wonderful husband, Mark and the wedding was just beautiful. With roses adorned in her hair and a white vail and beautiful wedding gown, she looked just like a princess, my princess from those years when she was just a child.

At age 23 she had her first baby, Aaron Lee, named after her father whom passed away 6 years prior. At age 24 she had her second baby, Andrew, and I had just witnessed her third birth to Mirenne Maria, all true blessings and all miracle babies.

3 children in 3 years and a blessing from God.. !

I am a "Oma" as my children call me to 3 very beautiful babies.. whom I love with all my heart and sole.

Jordan Lynne's Birth Story
Crazy adventure to the Hospital

Well I was a really young when i had my daughter (22) and a single mother. I was living with my grandmother at that time. The morning I woke up to pain and as my grandmother left that day she told me my aunt Linda was on call to take me to the hospital if I needed her. Well after my contractions became a little more I called my Aunt Linda to come and get me.

After calling my best friend to calm me down I realized a hour had passed and she still wasnt there. She finally showed up in a rented sports car. No problem I got my suitcase and got in the car. Flying down the highway she looks and says we are almost out of gas I need to get gas. So she gets off the highway and instead of going to the first gas station she goes to ARBYS and orders her lunch.

My contractions are getting worse and she ends up cussing the people at Arbys out and taking 15 mins to get her lunch. She finally drives to the gas station and as a contractions she laughs at me and tells me "welcome to the world of mother hood ha ha ha !!"

So after she gets gas she finally gets back on the highway and hands me a notebook and tells me to question her for her college test cause and I am quoting here she is not going to fail her test cause my baby decided to come during the first test of her last class.

She drives about 85 mph saying the entire way if your water breaks I am going to die. Luckly that never happened and 12 hours later I was the mother of my baby girl Jordan Lynne


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