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Nathanial`s Birth Story
My husband and I had been trying for 6 years to have a child with no luck. We finally decided to adopt. We told friends and family. We went to the adoption agency and picked up the paperwork. We then went out of town for the weekend. Sat. nite we got a very strange phone call from the local police. We were to call the hospital in our hometown, someone was looking for us. We didn`t know what to think. My husband called and turned to me and said "How would you like a son?" I immediately said Yes, Yes, Yes. There was a mom at the hospital who wanted to give up her baby for adoption. The doctor on call knew we were looking to adopt and told the birth mom about us. She said great, they can have him. What an unbelievable gift. Needless to say we didn`t know which way to turn or what to do next. We hadn`t had a chance to figure this all out yet. Needless to say we didn`t sleep at all that night and came home right away.

Now the rest of the story. How did they find us? No one in our home town knew where we went. They searched on the internet for my husbands parents phone number and called them. They didn`t know where we were either, but they knew other people to call. They finally found out what city we went to ,but had no idea what hotel. That`s where the local police came in. They got our license plate number from the DMV and started searching the city until they found us at the Super 8. Quite a bit of team work and effort on everyones part to get us our son. He is 10 now and has heard this story any times. He was named Nathanial which means a gift from God.


Peyton's Arrival
In May 2004 after year's of struggling with infertility my husband and I decided to pursue International adoption. After attending several seminar's and doing research on the internet we decided to adopt from Guatemala. After completing our home study and collecting all of the documents for our dossier we received US approval and the wait began...that was January of 2005.

On February 4 2005 we got the call! Our son was born on January 6, 2005 and he was 29 days old. After receiving photos and a 5 minute video we immediately excepted the referral and the roller coaster ride began! The wait was terrible. As each day passed the only thing that kept me going was the update pictures that we received from our agency each month. However each update was heart wrenching. Watching him grow and change was extremely difficult.

On June 25, 2005 we got the call! Our adoption process was complete! We booked the first flight to Guatemala and on June 27, 2005 our sweet baby boy was placed in our arms forever! He is now three year's old and is the joy of our lives. As I reflect on the process and our infertility I thank God.

If it were not for it we would not have our son and without our son our life would not be complete! Thanks for allowing me to share our story of how our family became a "full circle".

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