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What is a Pretty Momma Baby Sling? A Pretty Momma Baby Sling is a type of baby carrier that is 100% adjustable, which will allow you to share the same carrier with your husband, mother, etc. Our Baby Slings have a special kind of shoulder design (fanned or sometimes called gathered) that allows the fabric to spread evenly across your shoulder, and thereby distributing your baby`s weight evenly and comfortably.

Pretty Momma Slings are not just stitched once by the rings, but rather triple stitched for durability and long-term use. Your baby can comfortably face you, face outward, sit on your hip, on your back or in a nursing position. Your Pretty Momma Sling will arrive to you with detailed wearing instructions.

Customers Say...: Time and time again, customers comment on how they feel that their Pretty Momma Sling is the best baby sling that they have tried. We have sold to several thousands of customers worldwide and we have received rave reviews! Customer testimonials can be found on this page.

Read This: Did you know that your baby sling will be custom made just for you after you order? Only the highest quality cottons, organic and hemp fabrics qualify themselves to be made into a Pretty Momma Sling. The rings (the buckles of the baby slings) are specifically designed for our slings and are of the highest grade material.

Here are a few more details of a Pretty Momma Sling:

1 – These slings are unpadded which will provide you with the utmost of adjustability and comfort.
2 – Very lightweight.
3 – Not at all bulky – can be put in your diaper bag, or easily will fit under you coat.
4 – You can adjust the top and bottom part separately, which makes for a very secure fit.
5 – Can be used for babies from birth to 3 years old (8 - 35 lbs).
6 – Rings can withstand several hundred pounds of pressure and lock into place, much like a seat belt buckle.
7 – Baby’s weight is carried over your hip and shoulder. Unlike front packs and backpacks, these slings will not stress out your lower back.
8 – There are no rough corners to chafe your child or you.
9 – Easy to put on and take off. With a little practice, you can put on a sling in a few seconds, literally!
10 – This is the only carrier you will ever need because it accommodates your childs growth.
11 - Made so that it is very easy to nurse your baby in public, with no one able to see ANYTHING!

Why use a Pretty Momma Sling?

There are so many reasons why slings are useful. The obvious being that you can carry baby with you, easily. We have done several years worth of research to find out why slings are beneficial to both mom (or dad, grandma, etc.) and to baby. Here are a few reasons:

1 - It is truly a hands-free way to carry baby. You can carry baby securely against you while doing the laundry, writing at your desk, or simply just walking!
2 - Promotes a healthy bond between you and baby.
3 - Promotes breastfeeding. You can very easily nurse baby discreetly while baby is in the sling.
4 - It is very easy to use. Just slip the sling over your head and rest on your shoulder. Put baby in between you and the sling, then just pull the fabric through the buckles to tighten and you`re done!
5 - Great for dads, grandparents, and all other caretakers of baby.
6 - Baby will feel very secure and safe next to you, hearing your comforting heartbeat, just as baby did for the months she/he was inside mommy.
7 - Great for colicky/fussy babies. This sling promotes sleep. Most newborns fall asleep within ten minutes in the sling.
8 - You can take a sleeping baby out of the sling without waking him/her.
9 - Some front-style commercial carriers sold in stores, can be stressful to a newborn`s spine. Slings have been tried and tested in most other countries for centuries, and cradles the baby`s back in the correct position.

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