What exactly is Hemp?

Here are just a few quick facts on why Hemp is such a wonderful fabric:

* Hemp is one of the world’s durable and strongest of all the natural fibers

* Hemp is made from the Cannabis sativa plant

* The fibers of hemp are even longer, more absorbent, and insulating than cotton

* Is grown without the use of pesticides or toxins because it naturally repels insects without the assistance of harmful chemicals

* Hemp is a natural weed suppressor because it grows so fast and so densely that it smothers out other plants

* Hemp is a low maintenance plant, and it yields three times more crop then cotton in a smaller space due to it’s compact growth

* Hemp puts back approximately 70% of the nutrients it takes from the soil

* Hemp is resistant to mold and provides UVA protection

* As an added bonus, your Pretty Momma Sling Hemp product will get softer and softer with use

* Your Hemp product will last and last for years to come!


LYOCELL: Some of our Hemp fabrics are blended with a wonderful textile called Tencel. Tencel is a fabric made from a wood pulp and has a heavenly soft feel. It is also very comfortable to wear in an environment with high temperature/humidity because it breathes so well.

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