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    Q: Sling Rings
    Sling ring information:

    A: Lightweight, aluminum sling rings (which are the buckles for the sling) are specifically designed for slings and can withstand several hundred pounds of weight and lock into place (just like a seat-belt buckle).
    We use sling rings from; the company that is respected worldwide.
    How safe are they? Well, here is what the manufacturer of the aluminum rings have to say about their testing procedure:
    "Each of our rings is individually pull tested to 250 pounds. We perform additional testing on every 100th ring, impact testing to failure; this helps us ensure the integrity of our basic material stock. Our rings are polished to avoid burrs and sharp edges. Our rings are RoHS compliant and manufactured to be free of heavy metals. We have had testing done here and in the EU to verify this."
    Note: We primarily use silver aluminum rings, however if you prefer another color of rings, or would like metal rings (shiny silver), just let us know in the comment box upon checkout. Please be aware that your custom order may take a week or so to be mailed out.

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    Q: How do I place my order?
    How do I place my order?

    A: There are two easy ways to order:

    1) Online - Order through this website and your order will be received instantly. Click here to order online.

    2) By phone - Simply call or text your order to 786-262-2108. Be sure to leave your full name, email address, exact order and your shipping address. We will then email you a payment invoice. Calling hours are between 8 am - 6 pm EST Monday through Friday; you may text your order anytime.
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    Q: Ways to use a Pretty Momma Sling
    What ways can I use my Pretty Momma Sling?

    A: You will get many uses from your Pretty Momma Sling. Some ways to use your new ring sling are:
    1 – Snuggle Hold – Baby is tummy-to-tummy with you.
    2 – Nursing Hold/ – Baby is perpendicular to your tummy.
    3 – Hip Hold – Baby straddles you hip.
    4 – Kangaroo Hold – Baby’s back is to your tummy.
    5 – Piggy Back Hold – Baby’s tummy is up against your back.
    6 – A shopping cart harness – Put the child in the seat of the shopping cart, put the sling around their tummy and through the slots of the shopping cart and tie.
    7 – Drool rag – The tail of the sling can be used as a drool cloth.
    8 – Wind/sun shield – The tail of the sling can be used to cover baby’s upper and lower body.

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    Q: Gift Wrap Information
    Do you provide gift wrapping service?

    A: We sure do!
    Gift Bag - Your order will be placed in a Gift Bag (baby print; neutral). If you prefer another print type, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.
    If you have chosen to write a message to the recipient, a plain, stock card (or note tag for short notes) will be attached to the front of the Gift Bag. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Multiple products ordered - If ordering more than one product, and wish to have them gift wrapped, you only have to pay for this option one time and your entire order will be gift wrapped.
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    Q: Shipping Cost; Flat-Rate
    What is your shipping information?

    Figuring out your shipping cost is easy at Pretty Momma Sling! We only use flat-rate shipping. What is flat-rate shipping? Flat rate shipping means that no matter how large your package is, you only pay the amount listed below! There is no guessing as to what your shipping cost will be at Pretty Momma Sling.

    When will my order ship out?
    We do our best to get orders out expeditiously, in 24-48 hours. You will receive a shipment confirmation e-mail once your package has shipped. This email will include your delivery confirmation number for US orders. If you prefer another carrier (other than USPS), please contact us.

    United States: Priority Mail (2-3 days).....$6.00
    United States: Express Mail (1 day to most areas).....$20.00
    International: Priority Mail (6-10 days to most areas).....$21.00
    International: Express Mail (3-5 days to most areas*).....$35.00 to Canada and $45.00 to all other countries

    International or express mail orders: If the shipping cost greatly exceeds the quoted price, we will contact you via email for your new shipping options.

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    Q: Baby Sling Size
    What is my ring sling size?

    A: * Small (approx. 1 yard and 30 inches)

    - Great for people who are 5 feet, 1 inch or shorter and weight 110 pounds or less
    - If you will be using the sling to breastfeed your baby in and/or using the tail of the sling as a shield from the wind/sun, then a medium size is recommended

    * Medium (approx. 2 yards and 3 inches)
    - Perfect for the majority of people and breastfeeding moms.

    * Large (approx. 2 yards and 12 inches)
    - Great for large/plus size people who are breastfeeding and/or will be using the tail as a shield from the wind/sun.***********************************************************
    Note: Although we do offer more than 1 size, you can still use the medium or large size for a wide range of adult frames. If you have some extra length on the tail of your sling, just tuck it inside the sling (which is what many do anyway).View the picture below that has the tail (the loose end of the sling) tucked in.

    For example: If you are 5 feet 3 inches and weigh 160 lbs, a small will reach your hips, medium will reach your mid-thigh and the large will reach your knees.

    CUSTOM SIZING: If you are unsure of your size or would just rather have a custom fitted sling, please take a tape measure and hold it on one shoulder, bring it down across your front to your opposite hip, up your back and to the place you first started with on your shoulder. Then bring your tape measure down to where you would like your sling to end. If you are not breastfeeding (or will not use the tail for any other reason) then we would recommend you measure to your hip. If you are breastfeeding (or will be using the tail for any other reason) then we recommend the tail come to your mid-thigh or lower. Please let us know this number in inches.

    WASHING RECOMMENDATION: It is recommended that you machine wash your sling(s) in cold water and hang to dry. However, to soften up your sling you may wash and then dry in the dryer with fabric softener. You may iron your sling if needed (ironing is not recommended on SolarWeave fabrics).

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    Q: Pretty Momma Slings are good for your baby and the environment!
    How are Pretty Momma Slings good for my baby and the environment?

    A: Pretty Momma Slings is aware of the importance of using and encouraging the use of Organic and Hemp fabrics to protect human life, and the environment that sustains it.
    Your precious bundle sleeps and cuddles their sweet little faces against the fabric of our ring slings, so we want you to take comfort in the fact that your baby is not breathing in or chewing on harmful toxins and chemicals that can be found imbedded in commercially grown fibers. Our goal is to keep you and your world safe, which is why we have chosen to carry an extensive line of Organic and Hemp baby slings.

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    Q: Payment methods
    What payment methods do you accept?

    A: We gladly accept payments via:
    1) Credit card: Visa, MasterCard or American Express; this will be via a secure server
    2) Paypal: Paypal is the top online payment processor. Paypal accepts all major credit cards, as well as payment made with your checking account via a secure server. Please remit payment to:

    3) Mail: Check or money order

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    Q: Can I send you fabric?
    Can you make a sling from fabric that I send to you?

    A: Yes we can! If you have fabric that you would like made into a Pretty Momma Sling, just send it to us and we will take care of the rest! Please email us before you send us your fabric.

    Your fabric must be:
    * non-stretchy
    * light to medium weight
    * not a silk or silk-like material, or be a "slippery" type of fabric.

    How much fabric do you send?
    2.5 yards. Any excess fabric that is left over after sewing your sling will not be mailed back to you unless you specify. If you are ordering a custom size any larger than our standard large, please contact us prior to shipment of your fabric.

    If after receipt of your fabric, we find that it would not make a suitable sling, we will refund your payment and fabric, minus the shipping cost.

    The cost for a custom sling is $52.00

    * Please email us before you send us your fabric!
    * We are not responsible for fabric lost in the mail.
    * Our address to where you should mail your fabric to is on our contact us page.
    * After you order, you will be emailed an invoice; please put a copy of your invoice in with your package of fabric. Or, if you are having the fabric sent directly to us from an online store, please email us the tracking number and delivery method.
    * If you are unsure if your fabric is suitable, just email us.
    * Because this is a custom made sling, it will not be eligible for exchange or refund.

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    Q: Sling Details
    What are the specifics of your ring slings?

    A: Only the highest quality organic cotton, organic hemp, cotton and solarweave fabrics will be used. Our rings that we use are specifically designed for baby slings and are tested for durability and strength.
    1 – These slings are unpadded which will provide you with the utmost of adjustability and comfort.
    2 – Very lightweight.
    3 – Not at all bulky – can be put in your diaper bag, or easily will fit under you coat.
    4 – You can adjust the top and bottom part separately, which makes for a very secure fit.
    5 – Can be used for babies from birth to 3 years old (35 lbs).
    6 – Rings can withstand several hundred pounds of pressure and lock into place, much like a seat belt buckle.
    7 – Baby’s weight is carried over your hip and shoulder. Unlike front packs and backpacks, these slings will not stress out your lower back.
    8 – There are no rough corners to chafe your child or you.
    9 – Easy to put on and take off. With a little practice, you can put on a ring sling in a few seconds, literally!
    10 – This is the only carrier you will ever need because it accommodates your childs growth.
    11 - Made so that it is very easy to nurse your baby in public, with no one able to see ANYTHING!

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    Q: Return / exchange policy
    What is your return policy?

    Before sending your product back to us, you must email us first! If we receive your item and you have not emailed us, your item will be marked "return to sender" and an attempt will be made to send the package back to you by the USPS, at your expense.

    A: Return Policy:
    Can I return my Pretty Momma Sling product? We are confident that you will enjoy your Pretty Momma Sling product, however, if for any reason you are not satisfied, please send the un-blemished and un-washed product back to us within 14 days, and we will refund you the purchase price, less the shipping cost. Please allow 14 days for your refund to be processed. Funds will be given back to you via money order or Paypal; please let us know which you prefer.
    * We reserve the right to reject (or only partially credit) your request for a return based on the condition of your product. If your product is rejected, it will be mailed back to you at your expense.

    Exchange Policy:
    I really enjoy our Pretty Momma Sling product, but would like a different fabric and/or size: If you would like to exchange your product, you may send your un-blemished and un-washed product back to us within 14 days. We reserve the right to reject (or only partially credit) your request for an exchange based on the condition of your product. If your product is rejected, it will be mailed back to you at your expense.

    Expecting a baby? If you are expecting/adopting a baby at the time of purchase, the return / exchange policy stated above will start after the arrival of your baby. Use the comments box during checkout to tell us your due/arrival date, so that we may extend this policy to you.

    Cancel an order? If you wish to cancel your order before it has left our facility, please allow 14 days before your refund to be processed. You will be refunded the full price paid (including shipping). Funds will be given back to you via money order or Paypal; please let us know which you prefer.

    * Gift wrapping is non-refundable.

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    Q: Wholesale/Drop-ship
    Do you wholesale or dropship your baby slings to businesses?

    A: We are not accepting new wholesale or drop-ship accounts at this time.
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    Q: Store Policy
    What is your store policy?

    A: Pretty Momma Sling pledges to treat our customers the way that we would like to be treated. That means:
    * To respond to each and every email/phone call/mail correspondence in a courteous manner and in a timely fashion
    * To never sell, rent, or give away your personal information
    * To only sell high-quality products that we would use with our own children.

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    Q: Sending in Pictures
    Can I send in my picture for the Sling Gallery?

    A: We would be honored to display your picture of a Pretty Momma Baby Sling in our Ring Sling Gallery. Please send us an email with your sling pictures(s) attached (in .jpg format only), along with your written consent that you would like this picture(s) to be included in our Ring Sling Gallery. If your picture is approved, it will be visible on our website within 24 hours.

    Your personal information will never be shared.

    Customer photo's can be found here

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    Q: What is a Pretty Momma Sling?
    What is a Pretty Momma Sling?

    A: A Pretty Momma Sling is a type of baby carrier that is 100% adjustable, which will allow you to share the same carrier with your husband, mother, etc. A Pretty Momma Sling has a special kind of shoulder design (fanned or sometimes called gathered) that allows the fabric to spread evenly across your shoulder, and thereby distributing your baby`s weight evenly and comfortably.
    Pretty Momma Slings are not just stitched once by the rings, but rather triple stitched for durability and long-term use. Your baby can face you, face outward, sit on your hip, on your back or in a nursing position. Your Pretty Momma Sling will arrive to you with detailed wearing instructions.

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    Q: Why use a Pretty Momma Sling
    Why should I use a Pretty Momma Sling?

    A: There are so many reasons why ring slings are useful. The obvious being that you can carry baby with you, easily. We have done several years worth of research to find out why ring slings are beneficial to both mom (or dad, grandma, etc.) and to baby. Here are a few reasons:

    1 - It is truly a hands-free way to carry baby. You can carry baby securely against you while doing the laundry, writing at your desk, or simply just walking!
    2 - Promotes a healthy bond between you and baby.
    3 - Promotes breastfeeding. You can very easily nurse baby discreetly while baby is in the sling.
    4 - It is very easy to use. Just slip the sling over your head and rest on your shoulder. Put baby in between you and the sling, then just pull the fabric through the buckles to tighten and you`re done!
    5 - Great for dads, grandparents, and all other caretakers of baby.
    6 - Baby will feel very secure and safe next to you, hearing your comforting heartbeat, just as baby did for the months she/he was inside of you.
    7 - Great for colicky/fussy babies. This sling promotes sleep. Most newborns fall asleep within ten minutes in the sling.
    8 - You can take a sleeping baby out of the sling without waking him/her.
    9 - Some front-style commercial carriers sold in stores, can be stressful to a newborn`s spine. Slings have been tried and tested in most other countries for centuries, and cradles the baby`s back in the correct position.

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    Q: History of Pretty Momma Sling
    What is the history of your company?

    A: Location:
    We are based in sunny and warm Miami Florida, USA

    Products Available:
    * Baby Ring Slings in high-end organic cotton, softened hemp, linen and cotton
    * Doll Slings for children

    October, 2003

    Several years ago, the first Pretty Momma Baby Ring Sling was designed and put to use. In 2001, I purchased and used my first store bought baby ring sling. I quickly discovered that my baby loved being in it, and would often fall asleep within 10 minutes. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before I became aware of the discomfort associated with its use.

    After using the baby ring sling for only a short time, I grew tired of the shoulder fabric digging into my neck, and as much as my baby enjoyed the ring sling, I knew I had to do something about it. That discomfort was the driving force behind my desire to design a baby ring sling that was not only great for a baby, but comfortable for me!

    So, I took out my sewing machine and went to work. After experimenting, and a lot of trial and error, I ended up with a design that I absolutely loved!

    I immediately put that first baby ring sling to use, and before long people started asking me who made it, and telling me how comfortable my baby looked in it. Everywhere I went, I heard the same things being said about my baby ring sling and as a result of those questions and comments, Pretty Momma Slings was formed!

    My goal was to sell baby ring slings that moms would be comfortable wearing for extended periods of time, and they would be made with pretty, eye-catching fabrics. Now, after several years in business, I can say that I am accomplishing that goal with each and every sling that is made.

    A lot of hard work has gone into this business, and a long road has been traveled to get to where I am today, but I’ll be the first one to tell you that it has been worth every minute.

    Today, this innovative baby ring sling idea has progressed into a successful and well established business, and each day this company takes immense pleasure in knowing that another one of Gods precious creations is being comforted by this design.

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    Q: Washing Instructions
    How do I wash my ring sling?

    A: It is recommended that you machine wash your ring sling(s) in cold water and hang to dry. However, to soften up your ring sling you may wash and then dry in the dryer with fabric softener. You may iron your ring sling if needed.

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